Program / News

As of March 1, 2024 the new home of Sonic Borderlines is the Künstlerisch-Wissenschaftliche Doktoratsschule at University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz (Künstuniversität Graz, KUG).

Sonic Borderlines Festival 2024 is funded by the INM (Initiative Neue Musik). The three concerts, three workshops and symposium is presented by Berlin School of Sound with Jeremy Woodruff, Artistic Director. The festival concerts will take place at KM28 in Neukölln.

April 26 Concert: Swaras. Carnatic Workshop
with Shantala Subramanyam, Theo Nabicht, Theodor Flindell, Anirudh Bhat. Compositions: Cathy Millikin, Jeremy Woodruff.
Arrangement: Ramesh Vinayakam

May 18 Concert: Naghmas. Composing for Oud and Maqam Workshop:
with Claudia van Hasselt, Bakr Khleifi, Mathis Mayr.
Compositions: Cathy Millikin, Mathis Mayr, Jeremy Woodruff.
Arrangement: Bakr Khleifi

June 15 Concert: Perdes. Composing for Tanbur and Makam Workshop
with Margarete Huber, Merve Salgar.
Compositions: Fulya Uçanok, Margarete Huber. Arrangement: Merve Salgar

Since November 2023 new collaborations between Jeremy Woodruff, Dr. Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu, Bakr Khleifi and Mathis Mayr have begun to continue to explore „note“-metaphors in sound through improvisation.